Weltbank-Projekt in der Türkei

Im Auftrag der Weltbank waren wir als Experten für Biodiversität an folgendem Projekt beteiligt:

Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management
(Grant No:TF- 023556-TU )

Technical Assistance for Development of Strategy Process Design for
Effective Incorporation of Biodiversity Conservation into Forest Management Plans in Turkey

Ziele des Projekts:
The project will establish effective participatory planning and sustainable management of protected areas and natural resources at four selected biodiversity conservation sites. It will also build capacity at the national level to support replication of these activities at other priority conservation sites in Turkey.
The project will finance a review of the legal and regulatory framework for biodiversity conservation and explore opportunities for mainstreaming biodiversity conservation in forest planning and management, local land use, tourism development, agricultural extension, and environmental management of water systems.

The four pilot biodiversity conservation sites are:

Caucasian mixed temperate rain forest and high alpine meadows of the Camili Forest District, Artvin Province, North East Black Sea mountains;
Wetland and steppe ecosystems of Sultan Sazligi-Erciyes protected area, Kayseri, Central Anatolian Plateau;
Mediterranean forest and high alpine ecosystems of the Taurus mountains in Koprulu Kanyon National Park, Taurus Mountains, Southern Turkey; and
Alluvial forest with associated aquatic and coastal ecosystems at Igneada, Kirklareli, protected and wildlife management areas of the Thracean Black Sea coast.

Different conservation challenges will be addressed at each site, including the impacts of existing or encroaching mass tourism, unsustainable use of common resources, and inadequate coordination of biodiversity conservation initiatives with sectoral and local land use planning.